Our 3 level Playground complete with Triple slide, Ball Pit, Obstacle course and Spiral Slide is sure to keep your little lion or lioness busy for hours! Including a Toddler Crawl area with foam building blocks. The best part? You may stay as long as you like and we have free WI-FI for your leisure or work purposes.
No matter your size or age, our 1000+ Sq ft Trampoline has something for you
Experience the future of gaming with our state-of-the-art virtual reality systems. Our Alienware Aurora PCs and HTC Vive Pros will ensure that your virtual adventure is smooth and comfortable. Try any of our 60+ game catalog alone or with friends! We offer several multiplayer titles including:
  • Boxing - Fight your friends in a safe, fun environment!
  • Hockey - Dangle, Snipe, Celly in a virtual world alone or against friends
  • MilSims - Face off against your friends or online opponents in our incredibly realistic Military Simulators!
  • And many more!
Our Multisport Simulators give you the ability to play all of your favourite sports using real equipment in an unbelievably realstic virtual environment! Choose your skill level, character, stages, and modes of play to personalize the experience further.